Nico Lahs ‎– Off The Rails

Nico Lahs ‎– Off The Rails

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A mind focused in the future in every sense, characterized by a high sense of professionally. These are maybe the best words to describe Nico Lahs, young musician of worldwide's underground music scene. It's the tale of a child full of dreams, a tale about his love for drums grew up til today, becoming a true complete symbiosis with music at 360°. Nico's figure is complex like a puzzle, the result of a youth written by experiences and extremes hardly recognizable in common places. Behind his deep expression he hides at one side the charm of a party animal and on the other side the perfect accuracy of the pure musician; all features that leave, in a way or another, an unforgettable sign in every person who gets in contact with him. With a so particular personality and a always strong desire of freshness Nico is able to transform every performance, every set in every contest, unique in its own way.
Today his music is appreciated and supported by the biggest professionists and lovers of the international underground scene: a clear sign that the role of this musician in the future's global panorama will be as an absolute protagonist.

A1 – Off The Rails

A2 – Dragon S

B1 – Waterline

B2 – Saturn