Basicnoise - Consequences

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Having won approval and success in its debut release, the spclnch vinyl series continues with the release of a second record from Wiesbaden producer - Peter Fanai. Weighty, spacious bass pleiades fill the sound field, erase the consequences of duality and, flowing into the viscous full-bodied substance of verified sound design, it would seem that they will momentarily shift the tectonic plates of the electronic genre. Maestro Basicnoise is again involved in the spatial enrichment of textural proportions of reverberation and percussion. This time, their sequence runs under the quality mark of the Australian-German collaboration. The accurate Kooscha warms up the sensorics with elegant dance manipulations and a distinct rhythm, and the related association Echoton traditionally introduces a tart concentrate of meaningful thoughts. The rich aftertaste of variable electronic abstractions takes the subconscious and musical outlook to a different plane. Now you are more than an observer.

A1 – Consequences

A2 – Consequences (Echoton Remix)

B1 – Subsequence

B2 – Subsequence (Kooscha Remix)