Ben La Desh, Norm De Plume ‎– Give To Receive EP

Ben La Desh, Norm De Plume ‎– Give To Receive EP

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Founded back in 2010, Norm De Plume's label Plumage really hasn't delivered the volume of records it's artfully punned name deserves with this 12" featuring the man himself alongside Ben La Desh only the third release. Perhaps the Plume is more about quality than quantity, and there is certainly plenty of the former on display across the four tracks on Give To Receive. As you might expect from the title, both Norm and Ben contribute an original production and both also remix each other's original production, making for a unique twist on the collaborative approach. Norm's production skills have developed some now, so there is no cut and loop tactics present on "Roll On", it's all his own work and the funk is still very much there whilst Ben La Desh's "Lotion" really shows off his mastery for toying with vocal loops - nice old school bell sample too! For the remixes, Norm goes sparse and deep on Ben whilst the opposing tweak offers a more tropical vibe.

A1 – Norm De Plume - Roll On

A2 – Ben La Desh - Lotion Norm De Plume remix

B1 – Ben La Desh - Lotion

B2 – Norm De Plume - Roll On Ben La Desh remix