BSU001 Christian Jay Running EP

Christian Jay - Running EP

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September 2018 will see the launch of Butter Side Up Records with a 12' that embodies the considered club sound of the much loved Leeds and London party.It comes from fast rising Idle Hands and Northsouth artist Christian Jay with a remix from The Brane owner Youandewan and offers four cuts of slick electronic house music complete with artwork by Sophie Doulala.Butter Side Up is a now eight-year-old party that has carved out its own musical niche. Dealing in tasteful house and techno with a leaning towards breakbeats, garage and real deepness, the night is built on a solid core of residents, with guests like Craig Richards, Nicolas Lutz and Margaret Dygas also having played their intimate events. The label's outlook will continue in this vein, with a focus on releasing three EPs a year from talented friends and close associates.Opener 'Running' is dance floor focussed house with nimble rubber drums and slick hits that make you move. Curious synth sounds and rich design make it a timeless track with an air of sci-fi trippiness. 'Green' hits a little harder, with drilling sub bass that pulls you in deep as a microcosm of icy hits, alien sounds and synth trails flesh out the futuristic groove.Flipside 'Jupiter' is a cerebral warm up tune with spacious pads circling round as kinetic little hits, whirs and bass stabs paint a colourful cosmic picture. It's a micro-groove that really gets under your skin, and is backed up with a remix from Youandewan. A long-time friend of BSU who has made his mark in Berlin with in the know cuts on cult labels like Eclipser Chaser, Voyage and his own The Brane, his version of 'Green' is super silky, with lush pads soothing your soul as the muted bassline and bouncy drums set your feet to work.This EP marks a typically tasteful first instalment from the Butter Side Up boys.

A1 – Running

A2 – Green

B1 – Jupiter

B2 – Green (Youandewan Dub)