Daze Maxim ‎– Rising Falling

Daze Maxim ‎– Rising Falling

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It has been 16 years since Daze Maxim's last album, Same Place The Bot Got Smashed. Markus Manowki's new album is on his own Hello Repeat imprint that he runs with Jan Krueger. The title refers to meditative breathing exercises, something that he had begun at the same time as working on the LP. As you'd expect it is all fairly minimal, like most of his output since the label began. Starting out with the wacky ambience of "Diachronica" and the mellow piano led vibes of "Happy Collapse" it's soon business as usual like on the dubby deep house of "Melted Talk" or "On The Way Back", the druggy after-hours minimalism of "Darkness In Your Pocket" or "Shift Limbs" not to mention the several other interesting ambient and downbeat interludes throughout the album. All in all a strong effort.

A1 – Diachronica

A2 – Happy Collapse

B1 – Melted Talk

B2 – On The Way Back

C1 – Inbetween

D1 – Darkness In Your Pocket

E1 – Shifty Limbs

E2 – Ghost Of The Chance

F1 – The You Show

F2 – Anolmy Of A Poetry

F3 – Soon