Fred Everything ‎– O / Her

Fred Everything ‎– O / Her

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Atjazz Record Company is pleased to welcome back prolific artist and dapper gent Fred Everything. From Canada to the UK, this skillful and ever-present producer brings over 20 years of talent and experience to bear on this exciting new release.
We delve into the offering firstly with the titular track: O. A soft and muted start slowly builds up into a fizzy melodic vibe that is undercut with a tasty bass riff. As the track drives on, the harmonies continue to build until they crescendo with a dreamy high-end hook juxtaposed with stippled sour characters.
Then Mr ARCo. himself, Atjazz, enters the fray with the Galaxy Aart Remix. Staccato rhythms and active bass notes combine with engaging pops of synth to further illustrate Atjazz's mastering of his craft.We follow this with Her, a meaty beats and bass orgy that effortlessly builds into a shimmering and crystalline cut. This track perfectly showcases Fred's commitment to quality legitimate music and you will not be disappointed!
We conclude with the shorter and sharper Devil In The Dub remix where only the lightest of tweaks and touches is applied, but this brings a fresh and compelling sound to an already impressive track.

A1 – O

A2 – O Atjazz Galaxy Aart remix

B1 – Her

B2 – Her dub