Gunnar Haslam ‎– Athabaskan Languages

Gunnar Haslam ‎– Athabaskan Languages

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Since making his debut in 2013, techno producer Gunnar Haslam has barely put a foot wrong. Here he returns to Delsin - a label he first graced in 2014 - with more left-of-centre, industrial-tinged dancefloor jams and otherworldly ambient explorations. Opener "Athabaskan Languages" is raw, rough and ready, and places the action around the kind of hard-to-describe rhythm that borrows heavily from the wonky time signatures of jazz. "Sirenik" and "Hellegat" are more straightforward techno affairs, with just the right balance between rolling grooves and dark, stripped back intensity. The EP also includes a superb chunk of blissful, deep space ambient in the shape of "Sarsi".

A1 – Athabaskan Languages

A2 – Sarsi

B1 – Sirenik

B2 – Hellegat