YM004 Josh Baker Magic Flight EP

Josh Baker – Magic Flight EP

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Josh Baker is back on his own imprint as he brings 4 cuts for the forth outing on You&Me Records. He kicks things off with Didgeridoo, the peak time, high energy track with its recognisable lead drumming throughout. Golden Zest follows with a mystical, well thought out number that we can imagine taking you deep into the night whether it be on a beach in Romania or a dark club in London. On the flip side Magic Flight brings a lighter touch to the EP with bouncy synth lines and rolling drums to accommodate for those long summer nights. Rounding things off we have 'Crowd Teaser' which has a lovely freaky chic groove that takes you on a trip.

A1 – Didgeridoo

A2 – Golden Zest

B1 – Magic Flight

B2 – Crowd Teaser