Josh Baker ‎– On The Rollover EP

Josh Baker ‎– On The Rollover EP

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Since bursting onto the scene in 2017, Josh Baker (You&Me, META, See Double) has made a huge impact with a string of hugely successful releases, always focusing on quality than quantity. Our eighth release marks his debut on the label and it’s a pleasure for us to present this amazing EP, which also sees label boss Yaya back on the remix duties. Hailing from Manchester, Josh has rapidly gained the attention of lots of European enthusiasts due to his ability for crafting huge dancefloor cuts, blending the most forward thinking sound of the moment with the typical UK raw and garage approach.

Title-track ‘On The Rollover’ is an effortlessly cool and breezy house groover full of percussive elements, crafted layers of bleeps and driving drums. But it’s when the astonishing vocal kicks in that this one becomes an assured peak-time bomb that will be a main-stay in many DJ boxes right into the upcoming summer months.

This is followed by Yaya’s remix who makes of the original a percussive monster, rising the heat with pressing shakers, clean drum patterns and warm pads. Here, Yaya uses only a few parts from the original vocal, ensuring a more dancefloor-oriented and dub version with a naughty bass and warped synths.

Opening the flip side is ‘Turbo Terry’, which kicks off with a more stripped-back groove in the intro, slowly carried on by dub and charming chords, popping drums and the right dose of vintage sounds. Housy strings, old-taped vocals and a serious mind blowing wavy bassline do te rest, creating another crowd craker.

‘What’s The Name’ closes the EP in style bringing some of Josh’s UK garage roots with curious modular sounds, doubled hi-hats and a rolling fat bassline which moves up and down, locking you in into the groove while the title-track inspired vocal sample makes you wonder ‘what’s your name’.

A1 – On The Rollover

A2 – On The Rollover (Yaya Remix)

B1- Turbo Terry

B2 – What's The Name