Kiu D ‎– Special Edition Volume One

Kiu D ‎– Special Edition Volume One

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Italian upstart Kiu D serves up a three course banquet of high cholesterol edits. For starters we're presented with a heart-attack inducing deep fried platter of greasy synths as Rocker's Revenge's "Walking On Sunshine" gets the full fat treatment. For mains we're served "Disco Brains"; the audio equivalent of a 20oz steak, it has the juiciest, rarest boogie bassline this side of Manhattan. For dessert we're treated to the sweetest of treats as the smooth-yet-unrelenting "Calm Before The Storm" ebbs and flows softly thanks to lavish piano strokes and a peppering of syrupy jazz elements. What a feast. What a debut release.

A1 – I'm A Rocker

B1 – Disco Brain

B2 – Calm Before The Storm