SPTM005 Komponente & Kurilo Witchmaster EP

Komponente & Kurilo – Witchmaster EP

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Komponente & Kurilo is a Ukrainian electronic duo recording trancehouse on analog instruments from the 90s.

A side track "Witchmaster" is a rolling, hi tech, reductionist groove with melancholic chords and a tripped out scrape on every club that's truly mind melting. A2 is "From The Picture Through The Light", a more mysterious and subdued effort with a broken beat, tripped out vocal samples and rising, tunnelling chords that altogether combined will push you right into the void.

On the flip, "Gilgamesh" turn more raucous thanks to the nervous bundle of cowbells and snares spewing from all angles. "The Beginning of Time" gives it a more acid and energetic makeover with a more rolling groove, the track a wonky and claustrophobic vibe that makes you feel like you’re dancing on downers.

A1 – Witchmaster

A2 – From The Picture Through The Light

B1 – Gilgamesh

B2 – The Beginning Of Time