Leigh Morgan ‎– Sandy Peanuts

Leigh Morgan ‎– Sandy Peanuts

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We at Fancy Human like our peanuts sandy, it reminds us of a simpler time. So we present to you the second release - this one from our very own Leigh Morgan. Packed full of deep chordy lushness, slinky stabs and melodic beauty, the EP encompasses three tracks, plus a remix from a Fancy Human favourite, Frits Wentink. Frits adds his unique flavour and shoulder bouncing grooves on this remix. Low fi vibes mixed flawlessly with high end how did you do that? production.

A1 – Sandy Peanuts original mix

A2 – Sandy Peanuts Frits Wentik remix

B1 – Time To Chime

B2 – Lobe Lube