Liquid Earth - Transcedenton

Liquid Earth - Transcedenton

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Butter Side Up continues to build on its carefully curated discography with a new EP from LA based producer Liquid Earth aka Taylor Freels. The super fresh four tracker offers silky late night house music and comes with original artwork by Sophie Doulala. Cali-born, Berlin based Freels is best known as Urulu, an alias which has released a distinctive brand of transatlantic, solar-infused house music on Voyage, Tartelet and These Things Take Time. Liquid Earth is a newer alias that debuted on TerraFirm 4 last year and has more cosmic intentions, as proven across the four fine tracks he offers here. Liquid Earth's grasp of groove is second to none from the off: Twisted Metal is a slippery house cut with clipped drums that are wrapped up in warped synths and trippy little sci-fi details. It's punchy but pensive and one to get the floor moving. Senator Bongwater's Revenge is more edgy and up-tempo, with steel plated kicks and a hurried groove that is run through with a gorgeous lead synth that brings some sunshine to the crunchy, punchy beats. On the flip, Transcedenton recalls the most spaced out and trippy Detroit house with its little acid twitches, jumbled toms and hits and squelchy bass all making for a wriggling groove that gets right under your skin. Add in lush chords that bring the heat and you have another timeless classic. Last of all, Neural Circuits gets busy with restless and kinetic drum programming, expansive synth smears and a party starting but classy peak time vibe that takes you into the cosmos. This is another connoisseur house offering from this small but perfectly formed label.

A1 – Twisted Metal

A2 – Setnator Bongwater’s Revenge

B1 –Transcedenton

B2 – Neutral Circuits