Markus Homm – I Don’t Blame You

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Following his ‘Voyage’ EP on the label last year and his “Endlessly” Single this year, Markus Homm returns to Bondage-Music once again for another stunning release with his unique deep & grooving style. Markus Homm constant mingling of styles and histories creates a unique and exciting sound. Markus’s productions and DJ sets bear the traces of his musical evolution, from the uplifting vibes of classic house to the crisp precision of underground techno. „My life is about dancing, grooves, and music,“ he says. „Great music should get you in the mood, without you even realising it. That’s what I want to do.“ His new EP ‘I Don’t Blame You‘ accompanied by a remix from Djebali contains 2 vinyl only tracks.

A1 – Grit

A2 – I Don’t Blame You

B1 – I Don’t Blame You (Djebali Remix)

B2 – Get Up