MDEC ‎– Riz Jungle

MDEC ‎– Riz Jungle

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Dnaut is a brand new label launching with an EP from the mysterious collective MDEC - Music Dance Every Chance. The first track 'The Treasure' is a spangled fusion of synths that variously rasp to shine, while the percussions lend a rough feel. The rubbery drums and bass line of Riz Jungle' harks back to old school Chicago. 'Hero' is a predatory, creeping and crawling house grove with a whispered voice to add yet more intrigue. 'Desire' featuring Hayley Blackman is a little more playful- Rooted drums underpin elastic, swaggering percussive lines and a little disco dazzle is hiding in the subtle synth patterns. 'Glisten Feathers' feat Billy Love closes the EP heartfelt style with a breathy male vocal. Shimmering synths, lingering pads and tinkling pianos add color to the killer vocal.

A1 – The Treasure

A2 – Riz Jungle

B1 – Hero

B2 – Desire feat Hayley Blackman

B3 – Glisten Feathers feat Billy Love