Moodtrap ‎– Make It Better

Moodtrap ‎– Make It Better

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London based duo Moodtrap have remained anonymous under this guise since stepping onto the scene in 2011 via Tsuba Records, although the pair have a long standing relationship with electronic music having been releasing material and touring the globe for many years.

Here we see the pair add a new label to their affiliations, namely London's Lower East which has just celebrated a milestone five years releasing material.

Title track 'Make It Better' kicks off the release here and see Moodtrap deliver their signature raw sound with dry crunchy drums, glitching bass stutters, mesmeric chord sequences and a snaking amalgamation of vocal lines throughout the records seven and a half minute duration.

4Lux's Gerd steps up to rework Make It Better next, adding an even rawer edge to things with lo-fi rhythms, penetrating rave stabs and intricately processed snippets from the original composition.

Lower East's lead man Cozzy D steps in to reshape Make It Better to follow, bringing a more direct house feel to things via looped vocal swells, a bumpy sub bass hook and swinging 909 drums.

Moodtrap return with a second original next to close the package, in the shape of 'Ethos Of Love' which drops the tempo and fuses shuffled drums and vocal stabs with wandering arpeggios and hooky chord hits...

A1 – Make It Better original mix

A2 – Make It Better Gerd Rough dub

B1 – Make It Better Cozzy D remix

B2 – Ethos Of Love