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Mountain People – Mountain 014

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11 years on from their much-played debut, Andre Schmid continues to release impressive music under the Mountain People moniker. This is their third release of an action-packed year, and sees the Swiss duo deliver two, high quality club tracks and a sumptuous ambient cut. While the latter ("Je Trouve (Intro)") is undeniably luscious and fluid, with the addition of delay-laden spoken word vocals, it's the main, floor-focused version of "Je Trouve" that stands out. Built around bubbling acid lines, ricocheting percussion hits and a lolloping machine groove, it's a trippy slice of late night tech-house perfection. Further peak-time thrills can be found on opener "Cielo Rojo", where cascading synthesizer melodies and dreamy pads ride a bustling, floor-friendly groove.

A1 – Cielo Rojo

B1 – Je Trouve - Intro

B2 – Je Trouve