OUER ‎– The First Detour EP

OUER ‎– The First Detour EP

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When we started Heist a few years back, our idea was to give a stage to talent in a same way as we have had a helping hand by the labels that have supported us from the beginning. Therefore, it's our pleasure to share this release with you by newcomers 'Ouer', a Berlin based duo with only a handful of tracks out so far on their self released debut last year. Their approach to producing is very much jam based, and with a compact collection of synths, drum machines and a fair level of distortion, they succeed in creating their own sound with hints of classic electronic music from Chicago and Detroit. There's a nice mix of energy on the whole EP, 'The ascent being the most driving track of the package'. Fans of classics MCDE tracks will love 'Show off' with it's dreamy DX7 style chords and cracking acid lines. 'Move over' feels like a jam session that was way too much fun with some lovely solo work on the synths, whereas 'Mess around' goes down in similar free-ride style on the synths and again, has some lovely sampling going on. An impressive ep we're just all too happy to have on our label. Sincerely yours, Lars & Maarten


A1 – The Ascent

A2 – Move Over

B1- Show Off

B2 – Mess Around