STFM001 Phocean Drive Smile

Phocean Drive – Smile

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Phocean Drive’s highly sought after ‘Smile’ EP resurfaces with a full reissue for the debut venture on Sex Tapes From Mars new reissue imprint. Three esoteric yet funked up club-ready cuts that perforate the heart with euphoric, twigged out madness to rumble the more leftfield dance floors. The full sonics were taken from original DAT and remastered at Analogcut, making for a full-bodied sound palette, and losing nothing from the original masterwork. The title track ‘Smile’ epitomises a golden era of Dutch progressive house, pairing sparse, titillating synth stabs, bionic vocoders and purposeful, grooving bass. On the flip, Dingalong heads for the basement, with an unabating acid line and steady, thumping drum work. It flaunts its subtle abstractions, coyly tripping while serving relentless energy. Ding Dang is a moody rework of its forerunning track, conjuring 7 am ambience through lush, gradually contorting pads and slick, sultry vocals. The shiny allure of galactic synth tones cooly rounds off a deeply mesmerising three-tracker on an intriguing new label series.

A1 – Smile

B1 – Dingalong

B2 – Ding Dang