Ponty Mython Feat. Sebastien Vorhaus ‎– Mila, It's Not Over! EP

Ponty Mython Feat. Sebastien Vorhaus ‎– Mila, It's Not Over! EP

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Our latest release 'Mila, It's Not Over' comes from the mysterious Ponty Mython (Alex). With roots in St. Petersburg, he now sends us his latest intricately produced works from his studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. Alex joined the Dirt Crew family last year, adding his excellent artist name and ear for exotic samples to our 'Deep Love 10' compilation with his track 'Movin On'. First up on this new release is 'Face Down', a cross-continental collaboration with Tijuana based tastemaker Sebastien Vorhaus. Sebastian and Alex recently dropped their 'Lux or Cairo' EP as a 12' on Quintessentials, and have backed it up with this funked out jam. The remainder of the release has´been no doubt meticulously put together by Alex himself. The record is full of surprises, with audible influences from house, italo and disco, it brims with the unusual and unfamiliar, but is held together with its dance floor propensity. 'Apple Arp' is a joyful excursion, with a bubbling arpeggio, oscillating lead and an irresistible groove. The title track 'Mila, It's Not Over' rolls along with swung live drums and acid touched bass line, before taking an unexpected turn, floating off into an almost cinematic break, where film score woodwinds and strings call out over muted voices. 'Narcolepsy' hosts breezy flute and psychedelic swells of sound and 'Paulette' boasts mesmerizing tuned percussion and singing synth lines. All in all this record is completely unique and full of life, a bizarre and colourful journey into house music, perfect for the party.

A1 – Face Down

A2 – Apple Arp

B1 – Mila, It’s Not Over!

B2 – Narcolepsy