Quell ‎– Desdemona

Quell ‎– Desdemona

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The latest release on Stay Underground It Pays comes from Berlin-based house and techno aficionado, Quell. The man had a
very good year in 2013 with releases on labels such as Ibadan and 20:20 Vision and shows no signs of going easy in 2014.
This four track record captures the essence of Stay Underground It Pays supremely with dark warehouse sounds perfect for
the club. Nowhere Forever' sets the tone for the rest of the EP going forward. The kick drum doesn't hold back right from the
word ''go' and just before the one minute mark, that warehouse sounding bass hits with varied percussion sizzling overhead.
Stabs and 'verbed out vocals come later, bringing it to a slightly 'euphoric' ending, for lack of a better term. This is definitely
one you will want to hear through a big sound system. 'A Fate' kicks of with a bass line reminiscent of the late 80s house
sound which came out of integral cities in the US, pushed by the likes of legends such as Mike Huckaby. Like 'Nowhere
Forever', it constantly progresses over time while making sure to never push things too over the top. Quell clearly knows what
he is doing, as he is able to put together tracks such as these, perfect for peak time in the club with enough to keep people
satiated but still wanting to hear moreThe title track of the EP, 'Desdemona', begins the flip side of the record, continuing
proceedings down the set path which Quell has laid out for the listeners to follow. We are treated, again, to a relentless
sounding bass line that carries the track onwards suitably before introducing all sorts of elements that further blur the gap
dividing house and techno. The aptly named 'Bouncing Off the Walls' closes out the record. This is a real party tune designed
to get people moving, giving them that extra bit of energy they need to keep going. The paradoxical vocal 'Just no samples
here' highlights Quell's intricate methods in keep things simple, yet still exciting. For DJs searching for a bunch of no-filler
warehouse tunes, look no further. Quell delivers, and will hopefully keep delivering such gems in the future.

A1 – Nowhere Forever

A2 – A Fate

B1 – Desdemona

B2 – Boucing Off The Walls