Silat Beksi - DNA

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The third vinyl release on Manjumasi comes from enigmatic Ukranian producer Silat Beksi, whose work shines in its expertly honed details. Each of his productions is infused with an intricate sense of groove and texture — one is left with the feeling that describing his sound as “minimal” does not do it justice. Over the course of many vinyl releases, he has shown himself to have a unique sonic touch, a style that is best described as his own. The A-side features two works. Lead track DNA is a moody affair with an extremely deep descending bassline that anchors the low-end, while atmospheric pads develop above. The track is imbued with a feeling of life, evolving, emerging from the shadowy mists. This is followed up by Frozen, a more groove-forward number with an emphasis on trippy melodic details and vocal edits that keep the ears constantly engaged. On the B side is Light In The Darkness, a meditative but driving track with a long and very deliberate energetic build. As the name suggests, this one conveys a sense of optimism, with wide pads that evoke new possibilities opening ahead.

A1 – DNA

A2 – Frozen

B1 – Light In The Darkness