CB021 Silat Beksi Mate

Silat Beksi - Mate

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Silat Beksi has been busy this year. Remarkably, this expansive double-pack on Burnski's Constant Black label - officially his second full-length excursion and first for six years - is the Ukrainian producer's fifth vinyl missive of 2020.

Mate is a fluid, off-kilter and sonically detailed affair, with manipulated jazz samples, oddball spoken word snippets and pots-and-pans percussion mingling with outer-space tech-house grooves, bouncy deep house rhythms, the eccentric stereo panning of Ricardo Villalobos and the locked-in hypnotism of Eastern European minimal techno.

It's a sonic palette that guarantees thrills throughout, with Beksi doing a brilliant job of showcasing his distinctive production style.

A1 – Mate

A2 – Hayes

B1 – Catchy

B2 – Pr-33

C1 – Magnitude

C2 – Dark Forces

D1 – Goldfinger

D2 – Nothing Personal