Silverlining ‎– Silverlining Dubs (IX)

Silverlining ‎– Silverlining Dubs (IX)

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Asad Rizvi's Silverlining return to form (and archive purge) continues unabated with this latest instalment on his label. The tech house originator kicks off this ninth part in the Silverlining Dubs series with a fresh production, the stripped back and highly technical "Groundhog Rave". It's followed up by an older jam originally released on Eukahouse back in 1997. "Stolen Baggage" is a sweet, poignant club track with lingering keys that positively melt between the snaking beats. "Spinach, Mystery & Insult" brings things back to the here and now with a shimmering set of drums and sonar bleep synths aimed squarely at the deep end. Brief diversion "Sticky Snails" completes the package with a surprise foray into kosmische-inspired territory, pointing to the diversity tucked away in this seasoned producer's repertoire.

A1 – Groundhog Rave

A2 – Stolen Baggage

B1 – Spinach, Mystery & Insult

B2 – Sticky Snails