DUBWAXLP001 Star_dub A Space In Between

Star_Dub – A Space In Between

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DUBWAX is proud to present the LP of Star_Dub called "A space in Between". He caught our attention after releasing strong dub techno ep's on his own STARDUB Imprint. Now it's time to present a overview of his productions in LP format. These days its hard to stand out between all those "basic channelish" Dub copys artists so we are more than happy that there are a few guys like him out in the scene who deliver their own interpretation of modern dub tech music.

A1 – Departure

A2 – Back To Basics

B1 – A Space In Between

B2 – Hommage

C1 – Traveller

C2 – A Walk In The Park

C3 – Cracking Grasshopper

D1 – Rewind

D2 – Let’s Make Some Music

D3 – Outronation