The Model ‎– Warehouse Traxx Pt1

The Model ‎– Warehouse Traxx Pt1

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Adult Central is not the new Porn Hub nor is it the Adult Movie Channel. It is the label launched in early 2014 by The Model. Haters are saying some of the labels The Model incessantly sent demos to were so annoyed by his emails that they begged him to stop, even gave him money to start his own shit. Which he did – Adult Central is his newly launched platform.

His concept is pretty simple – Adult stands for grown-up and mature sounds, stuff that goes back to the future. Cause if you were born in 1995, then you might have missed speed garage or early rave. And the first couple of releases are based on that. Also, if you were born in 1995, you might think deep house is the latest invention - you might have no idea there were deep house versions of vocal house tracks all throughout the late 80’s.

So Adult Central says “stop that shit, get your shit right” – house and techno, elektro and bass music, old and new is all one thing, everything goes. Don’t get pigeon-holed, don’t get stuck, don’t be afraid. Get out on the floor and sweat, have a good time, don’t pose, don’t fake it.

Warehouse Traxx Part 1 is out late Feb, 2014, 4track EP like it’s '95. A tribute to the music of the 90's warehouse and basement raves, inspired by speed garage, Chicago house and early rave. Vinyl and digital. This is the Vampireburg warehouse sound.

A1 – Bang Bang

A2 – Who Did That

B1 – Daz Sound

B2 – Game Of Domination