POD025 Tommy Vicari Jnr Look In Your Eyes EP

Tommy Vicari Jnr – Look In Your Eyes EP

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Sheffield based Tommy Vicari Jnr's chunky, tribal and vocal house tune 'Look In Your Eyes' has been big ever since it surfaced in 2004, and it still gets great crowd reactions to this day. Politics Of Dancing Records now re-issue it with a fine selection of new remixes. The original still sounds future with its silky synths and metallic drums, and the bassline really is killer. Silverlining steps up with a 90's house version that is all slick electronic funk. Sweely then speeds it up further, allowing the original vocal to really tug at the heart strings. Politics Of Dancing & Djebali link for a final stripped down version that is deep as you like.

A1 – Original Mix

A2 – Silverlining Remix

B1 – Sweely Remix

B2 – Politics Of Dancing & Djebali Remix