Torben ‎– Torben 04

Torben ‎– Torben 04

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Berlin's OYE Records is much more than just a record store. Its owners have become institutions of the city's house scene, and they have been releasing quality music on a number of different labels for many years. Their Box Aus Holz is a bit of a smorgasbord of sounds, ranging from house to hip-hop, and Torben has been one of their best findings in recent times. The man is back with 004 of his self-titled project, and "Track 1" instantly drops us into the sort of zone that we usually associate with the likes of Jay Daniel or Kyle Hall, so you know the score. The same goes for "Track 2" except that the beat is straighter and less broken but nonetheless gritty as a mother! The flip's "Track 3" goes deeper into the house cave, while "Track 4" is just straight-up Detroit fire, and it would surely sit perfectly well alongside an Omar S banger.

A1 – Track 1

A2 – Track 2

B1 – Track 3

B2 – Track 4