Various – YOIONWAX005

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The fifth record in the YOIONWAX series is here!

What can be more pleasant than the release of another record on YOI's birthday! Especially when this record brings together so many great musicians and so many incredibly cool vibes!

This time the music on the record covers five countries at once - the Netherlands, Italy, England, France and Mexico! An exciting journey around the world awaits us, and since we can't do it physically right now, let the music help us do it!

The journey YOIONWAXOO5 starts in the Netherlands, where very talented lad Kreech grabs us and takes us further and higher with his Wurlwind. Then back there in the Netherlands, but with Italian character and charisma, another young and very talented musician, Tommaso Pizzelli, takes us with him, giving our journey a funky fun with Funkytarro. On side B, we'll move to England, where another powerful artist, Tom Spark, is already waiting for us to reveal the power and meaning of the journey we're taking, putting us face to face with Padre. And after that, we find ourselves on two continents at once with two great musicians Jizz from Mexico and Thurman from France, who teamed up to show us the immense and timeless Time Division.

All this journey is accompanied by YOI's signature classic animated artwork, hand-drawn by label boss Watsche, which everyone is obliged to see in person, at the moment when the record is spinning and the music is playing. Don't forget that all you need for this is your phone, a camera on it, and a flash on. For more instructions on how to make the artwork come to life so that you can see the magic.

A1 – Kreech - Wurlwind

A2 – Tommason Pizzelli - Funkytarro

B1 – Tom Spark - Padre

B2 – Thurman & Jizz – Time Division