Yaya – Closer EP

Yaya – Closer EP

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Yaya is ready to unleash his next track on Tamango. The third release on his own Tamango Records is another solo EP for the head-honcho who now delivers 'Closer' and we're super glad to see Berlin based Mike Shannon on the remix duties. The title track 'Closer' is a captivating lush masterpiece and features the beautiful vocals of Russian artist Eka Moon. It immediately kicks in with deep kicks and subterranean bass and the vocal totally turns the track into a sexy and intimate mood with a superb amalgamation of drums, pads and delayed synths. The intense and sumptuous groove is top notch quality with Yaya's meticulous attention for subtleties and details, creating a true heady dancefloor brew. On the flip, B1 is about 'Close Encounters' with Mike Shannon on the remix who completely takes the track into another direction with sinister and electrical atmospheres. His version of 'Closer' starts a two minutes crescendo of tension and anxiety with a misted use of the vocals until a lethal kick and bass combination together with a lean groove makes of this remix an amazing hypnotic club killer. Ending the affairs on the EP is the dub mix of 'Closer' which emphasizes all the single elements of the original track without the vocal part.

A1 – Closer feat Eka Moon

B1 – Closer Mike Shannon remix

B2 – Closer dub